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What is Secondary Tuition Singapore?

Secondary Tuition Singapore is an online learning portal that supports the educational journey embarked by students in their quest to excel at the O Level examinations. The learning portal was the result of an idea conceived by like-minded tutors who believed in the creation of a digitized platform for students to build up their knowledge. The rationale was that students are increasingly reliant on digital devices to get quick access to information.

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Why study with us?

Benefits of the learning portal

To minimize delays and other forms of hindrances, Secondary Tuition Singapore was established to provide a one-stop solution in helping students to make informed decisions as they gain more knowledge. Our credibility is gained from the partnerships with featured tuition centres that possess their own track records of aiding students to achieve success in their studies. By combining the efforts of these centres and the inclusion of useful study resources for students to utilize, Secondary Tuition Singapore seeks to revolutionise the education landscape.

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Sign up for the O Level classes to be ready for the examinations. Our featured centres offer a variety of programmes like Secondary English, A and E Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics Tuition.

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Be informed on education matters

We curate and post blog articles to keep you informed on the latest education developments in Singapore. These articles discuss different topics like changes to the O Level syllabus content as well as study tips.

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Our featured centres utilise eLearning means to motivate students to explore different subjects in meaningful ways. We have live-streamed classes for student-tutor engagement and a Virtual Whiteboard.

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A new age of learning

Join now and be amazed by what eLearning can do.

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