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Secondary Tuition Singapore

Achieve excellence for the O Level.

Secondary Tuition Singapore is a level-specific tuition portal for students, parents and educators to collaborate and shape the education industry profoundly. As one of the pillars of the EduMarket, secondary students can enroll in the online learning programmes to deepen their comprehension of concepts and answering techniques.


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For a tech-savvy generation of learners.

Adaption to the changing learning environment is vital to keep learning relevant and attractive. As such, our featured centres have internalised eLearning as one of the distinctive means to educate and empower students.

Live Classes
Live Classes

Engage in real-time video discussions with the tutors during online classes. Similar to physical classroom teaching, these live-streamed lessons will be effective in facilitating student-tutor interactions.

Live Classes
Virtual Whiteboard

Observe how the educators draw illustrations on the Virtual Whiteboard to comprehend certain ideas being put forward in class. Students can download these drawings and store them in their private study folder for reference.

Accessible Digital Folder
Organised Digital Folder

Organise your learning materials to make learning productive. Just like students keep their worksheets and notes in files, we have developed our very own secure and private folders for virtual access.

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A revolutionary platform for learning.

EduMarket is the largest digital platform for tuition centres in Singapore to showcase their primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes. Secondary Tuition Singapore is one of the supporting portals that features these exclusive centres that students can enroll in.

Useful eLearning Features
Browse different tuition programmes

Search for your preferred tuition programme in the vast education marketplace. Within this virtual portal, you can sign up for online learning classes for O Level subjects like English, Chemistry, Physics, A and E Math.

Useful eLearning Features
Versatile online learning tools for self-study

Learning should be purposeful and efficient. As such, all programmes in the EduMarket include the use of online learning means to create an immersive and interactive learning experience for students.

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Regional Portals

Reaching out to learners in the heartlands.

Besides level-based portals like Secondary Tuition Singapore, we also feature regional portals that are meant to bring the tuition programmes closer to students who are situated in specific parts of Singapore.

Bishan Tuition Centres Logo
Bishan Tuition Centres

In the Central region, we have tuition centres located in areas like Toa Payoh, Marymount, Thomson, Sin Ming, Ang Mo Kio and Serangoon.

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres Logo
Bukit Timah Tuition Centres

In the South, you can find centres that offer tuition programmes in Bukit Merah, Newton, Bukit Timah, Orchard, Katong and Holland.

Tampines Tuition Centres Logo
Tampines Tuition Centres

In the Eastern part of Singapore, you can enroll in your desired tuition programmes in places like Pasir Ris, Serangoon, Bedok and Katong.

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Tuition Centres

Learn more about the Tuition Programmes.

Secondary Tuition Singapore features a list of tuition centres that offer primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes. Our distinctive programmes include online learning segments to enrich the learning experience of students.

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Level-Specific Portals

An organised learning network for students.

Secondary Tuition Singapore is one of the three level-based tuition portals that showcases tuition centres that offer O Level tuition programmes. We also have other related portals like Primary Tuition Singapore and JC Tuition Singapore to prepare students for the PSLE and A Level examinations respectively.

Primary Tuition Singapore Logo
Primary Tuition Singapore

Get ready for the PSLE by joining the primary English, Math and Science tuition programmes. You can also learn more about the recent developments for primary level subjects at the featured blog column.

JC Tuition Logo
JC Tuition Singapore

Find out more about the available JC Tuition programmes offered by the tuition centres in this A Level portal. Students can join clases like the GP, JC Economics, Math, Chemistry and History Tuition.

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Subject-Specific Portals

Prepare for success.

Pay attention to the details of the subject requirements by browsing these learning portals. Students can sign up for primary, secondary or JC tuition classes to streamline their revision process.

English Tuition Singapore
English Tuition Singapore

Be more confident in the written and speech forms of language application. In this learning portal, students can learn more about the English language and sign up for relevant tuition programmes.

Math Tuition Singapore
Math Tuition Singapore

Review your level of proficiency by browsing and trying out the online learning practices in this Math portal. Additionally, you can register for the primary, secondary or JC Math Tuition programmes to refine your skills.

Science Tuition Singapore
Science Tuition Singapore

Explore this Science-related portal to learn more about the topics covered at schools. We provide learning resources and feature tuition classes for primary, secondary and JC students.

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Receive latest updates on the education scene.

Read our featured articles to be more aware of the key areas of consideration when preparing for the GCE O Level examinations. These articles are published by educators who possess vast teaching experience. Learn more about important matters like updates to the subject-specific syllabus and study tips.

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